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Rachel Sage releases 9th album

Rachel Sage just released her 9th solo album - and from listening to the new songs our impression is that her music is getting better with every release. The new album bears an art-rock sound reminiscent of Kate Bush and Tori Amos, while lyrically the songs reflect Sage’s mature sense of perspective, earned after a decade on the road, living without a true ‘home’. This past year, she made a conscious decision to reestablish her roots, solidify her relationships, and bring balance to her untethered life. The result is ‘Delancey Street’.
Rachel will play several East Coast dates in the next few weeks, an return to NYC for a live appearance at Joe's Pub on May 11.


Best of NYC #59: Naam - Live at the Knit, May 14

We continue our "Best of NYC Countdown", covering every day one of the artists that made our Year End Best of NYC list (a chart compiled by a jury comprised of local bloggers, music writers, promoters, record sotre personnel and DJs). Many of the bands in this list will play The Deli's Best of NYC Fest in Williamsburg in May (6 shows in 3 different venues between the 13 and the 15).

The trip-laden tactics and garishly galactic effects dispersed by Brooklyn’s very own psychedelic delight Naam require either a lot of patience or a handful of hallucinogens in order to fully absorb the fertile flow laid down on this group’s self-titled 10-track Tee Pee Records debut. Containing an abundance of blues-soaked swirls of mystical hard rock with its fair share of acid-induced reflective moments strewn in, Naam’s presentation is dipped in distortion and drenched in reverb, blending lengthy tribal doom movements with periods of sedated and meditative drone elements that encompass your entire headspace long after the final note is played. Secure with a sense of spirituality that propels Naam’s rocket ride towards the outer limits, this trio’s righteously sprawling musical projections showcase the lush qualities typical of praise songs from Eastern philosophies with a barrage of sinewy rock darting around the extreme spectrum without landing in one place for too long to create a head-spinning and soul-reaching array of transcendental goodness. - Mike SOS


Smoke ‘em If Ya Got ‘em!

OK, it’s 4/20, and there are plenty of college students getting blazed all day. While I think the whole 420 thing is pretty lame, I do love me some good herb. So here’s my (cough, cough) 4/20 rundown. NORML has been making friends with Philly’s music community lately, which makes sense because they probably know where the high-quality shit is at. They’ll be holding a fundraiser for their staffs’ trust funds (just kidding, you know that I’m down with the cause) tonight at The Blockley Pourhouse with jazzy, jammy Agent Mooshead and WXPN darlings The Hustle. If smokin’ Ls are more your scene, then 100.3 The Beat is sponsoring a sweet hip hop lineup at The Troc featuring Gillie da Kid and Freeway, who was recently featured on Pitchfork.tv (above). But if you happen to get kicked out of The Troc because they tend to be hard asses about puffin’, then you can finish your blunt on your way to Silk City for Beats and Watson (members of Philadelphia Slick). I’m interested in the Paki not Indie Sunny Ali & The Kid and The Chickens at KFN, but for some reason, I feel like more whiskey will be getting kicked back there. That’s cool. Mixing works for me. Cheers! - H.M. Kauffman


Boy Eats Drum Machine Releases Video for New Single, Hoop + Wire

The video for Boy Eats Drum Machine's first single, and title track, off his new record Hoop + Wire is a quick-stop animation joint, which chronicles the mischievous blue cassette tape featured on the album's cover art, which is just as quirky and playful as the music itself.


If you have yet to feast your eyes on a Boy Eats Drum Machine live show, have no fear, for Jon Ragel will be performing at a venue near you (if you live in Washington, Montana or Oregon).

Upcoming Shows:

4/24 sat-Portland,OR: Aladdin / LEP benefit ALL AGES/12pm

4/24 sat-Molalla,OR: Clark Park 5pm

5/01 sat-Portland,OR: CAP Art Auction w/ Cirque du Soleil and Linda Hornbuckle

5/06 thr-Portland,OR: TLE grand opening

5/07 fri-Bozeman,MT: Zebra Cocktail Lounge

5/08 sat-Missoula,MT: The Palace w/ That 1 Guy

5/09 sun-Spokane,WA: Empyrean

5/11 tue-Bellingham,WA: Wild Buffalo w/ That 1 Guy

5/13 thr-Seattle,WA: Tractor Tavern w/ That 1 Guy

5/14 fri-Portland,OR: Doug Fir w/ That 1 Guy

5/15 sat-Eugene,OR: WOW Hall w/ That 1 Guy 6

/05 sat-Portland,OR: Backspace TLE b-day party

-Katrina Nattress


My My My @ CRC

Once a month CRC (Chicago Recording Company), 232 East Ohio, hosts a small happy hour get together at the studio with beer and wine and a band, and this month they have My My My. The event is this Thursday (April 22nd) at 6pm and it is FREE!


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