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Mose Giganticus CD Release Party at The Fire Aug. 13

Big things have been happening to robot rocker Mose Giganticus of late. The artist recently unveiled his debut release Gift Horse on Philly’s own Relapse Records. The epic album reveals a whole new edgier more metallic sound that fans of his previous cyber punk technology laden tunes will be able to get behind, especially since the trademark keytar is still in tow. Upon releasing the album, Matt Garfield was quick to jump into his veggie-powered van and go on a supporting tour so he hasn't found time to celebrate the albums release at home. But all of that is set to change when he invades The Fire tonight, where he’ll play futuristic oldies like "My Machine" and his homage to Nikola Tesla (one of my favorite inventors - Thomas Edison was a thief and a scumbag), "Commander". Or with supercharged new tunes like "White Horse" and "The Left Path", you're sure to be left breathless thanks to all the energy you'll be expending during their set. Mose Giganticus will also be joined by local heavy hitting rockers, Monolith, who just recently released a new split EP on Science of Silence Records. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave., 10pm, $8, 21+ (Photo by Jana Miller) - Bill McThrill


Into The Great Unknown at North Star Bar Aug.13

The Great Unknown lives up to its name’s western implications. Their songs are laden with gentle whistling, a steadily twangin’ lap steel, banjo pluckin’, harmonica chords and lots of lonely vocals - all boiling down to a self-proclaimed “mud & blood & beer” sound (it’s up to you to decide what that means). More “Americana” than country (think Woody Guthrie instead of Johnny Cash), their songs are chapters of travels across the country, with tales of secrets, weasels, junkyards, and their ultimate destination, “Water”. But these guys aren’t just a history lesson. They’re also a lot of hand-clapping, toe-tapping fun. And they do a mean “Spirit of the Night” cover with lead singer Jordan Berger sounding almost like the Boss himself. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 9pm, $10 adv/$12 door, 21+ (Photo by Lisa Schaffer) - Katie Bennett



Download Grandchildren’s Debut Single “Saturn Returns” for FREE!

Our Best of Philly Poll Runner-ups, Grandchildren, is taking some time off this summer while Aleks Martry makes his annual summer trip to Central America to help the less fortunate (how about that folks - talented and a good guy) and Roman Salcic spends some quality family time in Croatia. But the fall is just around the corner so I’m sure that you’ll see plenty of them everywhere (if not in-person, then inside a plethora of music magazines and on your favorite blog) when their debut LP Everlasting drops Sept. 28 on Green Owl Records. They’re planning a fall tour in support and have already booked shows with Explosions in the Sky and Dum Dum Girls. Grandchildren just premiered their debut single “Saturn Returns” on The Fader, but if you’ve been keeping up and happen to have their Cold Warrior EP (or unreleased Cold Warrior LP which became Everlasting), then you are probably familiar with it already, except it’s been re-mastered. You can download the track for FREE here thats is if you don't mind surrendering your e-mail. But trust me, you want to stay updated about what is going on in the world of Grandchildren. Like I’ve said before - if the rock gods are just, Grandchildren are going to be HUGE! For the newly initiated, enjoy! You can thank us later. - Q.D. Tran


Album Review: Idiots - TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb

So I blame my trip to Europe for not bringing this to you earlier. TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb’s Idiots most likely got buried under our backed-up mail when we came back. That’s why it was nice to find it personally delivered to our mailbox again wrapped in a brown paper bag with multiple pictures of a very attractive naked brunette. We still have the bag. :o) Thank you TJ Kong (a.k.a. Dan Bruskewicz)! Back to Idiots - it’s a fuckin’ foot-stompin’ rockin’ good time! Kong’s cigarette and whiskey stained vocal chords ring out lyrics creating perfect cinematic moments that play out like a Bukowski adventure that ends with a mystical drunken prophet bellowing wisdom or madness at you during last call. Dan Martino’s drumming and Joshua Willis’ standup bass work are tight and explosive. And while Kong’s music might sound like it is cut from the tapestry of some familiar American music history, you do find him experimenting on his recordings with noise and samples (probably to try and recreate the sounds from his last mescaline adventure). Idiots is a fitting soundtrack to an evening where the alcohol flows like water. While I enjoy the darker, rockin’ tracks like “Can’t Come Back” and “Photograph Waltz” best, the more radio-friendly tunes like “Everyone We Know”, which was created to induce spontaneous sing-alongs, and “Not Enough Time in the Day”, which should probably be an XPN favorite, standout as well. I might have also found my new mantra. “My mind is like an ocean, and I got seaweed on the brain.” You should definitely grab a copy of Idiots if this sounds like something you’re into. - Q.D. Tran




Come to the Dark Side w/Grimace Federation at KFN Aug. 12

The ever evolving Grimace Federation are headlining Kung Fu Necktie tonight. Generally, they’re known for experimental post rock the likes of Tortoise, but with Wes Schwartz’s and Chris Woods’ growing interest in metal shows, expect a darker, harder-edged sound as they get set to release a new album this fall/winter. I would definitely consider this band one of the many highlights of the Philly music scene that tends to push the boundaries of the “Philly sound” and create something exciting and new. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, 21+ - Adam G.




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