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December 2014
The Spirit of the Beehive
"The Spirit of the Beehive
There is something rather dark and mysterious about a band that takes its name from a classic Spanish film that focuses on its protagonist, a young girl, who becomes fascinated by the 1931 horror movie, Frankenstein. And with an album cover that portrays a child in a bee costume positioned in front of a tombstone saying, “Here Lies Mom-n-Dad Now Their Gone Isn’t That Sad,” you can’t help but be intrigued, if not a bit disturbed. The Spirit of the Beehive is a local fledgling outfit who has popped up on my radar this past year, appearing on numerous bills, oftentimes at DIY spaces. The band has further grabbed my attention with its debut self-titled full-length album, which was recorded by The Weaks/ex-Dangerous Ponies, Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo, and released via rising Philly indie label Ranch Records.  
The record’s opening track, “Roll Over,” begins with an eerie instrumentation before a languid female voice comes in with barely intelligible lines. “Cycles in and out of morphine hazes. Finding spaces between your floorboards. And I watch the dust move.” Thankfully the group provides us with lyrics on its Bandcamp page; otherwise, the beautifully poetic verses filled with drug-fueled imagery would be lost in the wash of power chords and feedback. “All lost in the black market. To wait in the fix aisle, I roll over.” You also get a sense of the band’s lo-fi, DIY aesthetic when you are abruptly taken out of the world, created by the album’s first, with studio chatter before moving on to the next track. With “Short Walk,” you can’t help but feel the influences of greats like Nirvana and more recently Creepoid with the hushed vocals and sonic bursts. These two tracks set the tone for the first half of the LP, where you travel in and out of the territories of dream pop and shoegaze when the female lead vocals grab a hold of you and then the grungier, harder-edged side takes over with the male lead. This juxtaposition provides quite an enjoyable balance that I actually wished went on longer throughout the record.
It’s not until “Ether,” where the two combine forces, changing the dynamic of their relationship. The title of the song suggests that you might be finding something more ethereal; however, the driving bass line provides a sense of urgency throughout the track. It also marks the point where the male lead begins to dominate the rest of the album, while taking on some of the characteristics of its counterpart. What remains a constant is a psychedelic, drug-filled angst full of guitar licks and distortion, giving off the vibe of a band that is here to rock, and they don’t care if you are ready for it or not.
The Spirit of the Beehive closes out their ambitious LP with the longest and cleanest sounding recording on the album, “Fever Dream,” demonstrating that they don’t need to hide behind studio effects, while making you wonder where their follow-up release will go next. It’s an eclectic and modern sounding record that also pulls from past genres I hold close to my chest. I highly recommend that you go download it ASAP. - Q.D. Tran

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Free Download: "Rain" - Busses

Busses shared a new song called "Rain," which which will appear on their upcoming album, Wizard of the Eye, scheduled for release February 17, 2015. A dampening blend of synth, bass, percussion illustrates the sonic setting. Then, the vocals explain a mindset as horns round out the picture, and a slick fiery guitar comes through, escalating a somewhat smooth environment before calming to a resolution. Busses will performing along with Myrrias and Exit Verse on Wednesday, December 10 at Boot & Saddle.


The 11th Annual WKDU Electronic Music Marathon

After a 7-year hiatus, the 11th Annual WKDU Electronic Music Marathon has returned. Aimed to raise money for the eclectic, Drexel University student-run  radio station as well as Musicopia and The Village of Arts and Humanities, over 30 local DJs donated their time to take part in the event.
Over the past month, WKDU has methodically added these DJ sets via their soundcloud account (http://soundcloud.com/wkdu), which includes among others Dave P (Making Time), DJ Sega (Mad Decent), Noah Breakfast (former WKDU DJ/ex-Chiddy Bang), Les Professionnels (Nurvous Records), Telequanta (Data Garden) and many others.
The remaining sets for the 75-hour event, which is listened to worldwide, has just been released today, including a pair of sets by King Britt (a blistering 40 minute afro-future/techno mix & a 90 minute “connecting the dots” mix tracing the history of electronic music from to boogie to hip hop to footwork).
WKDU has garnered the support (via monetary donations) of local businesses such as Federal Donuts, Red Bull Philly, Mama's Vegetarian, R5 Productions, Brewerytown Beats, Creep Records, Philadelphia Record Exchange, and even “rival” WXPN.
As always, The Deli is here to support local artists and the mediums such as WKDU that help to shine a light in their direction. Check out some excellent sounds and show your support!

Lux Perpetua Opening for Divers at Boot & Saddle Dec. 4

Divers are headlining Boot & Saddle this evening before they release the debut album that they've been pushing on Pledge Music. And it will be a solid home performance for South Philly natives Lux Perpetua, who have been marching to the beat of a new drum since the release of Hehbehdehbehbehdeh over the summer. The album that was named for a sound he made while yawning is a bold & beautiful result of a half-decades worth of material that former Extraordinaires member Justin Long had created under the new project. And the addition of Matt Gibson (The Extrordinaires, ex-Man Man)) and Spencer Carrow has elevated the project into a full-fledged power trio that has impressed during live performances. Although the majority of its members call Brooklyn home now, Philadelphia is the second home to Cuddle Magic, where a couple of its members still reside. With what the vibrant indie orchestral folk sextet has been recording in the studio since September, it’s likely that we'll be seeing more of them in 2015. Boot & Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St., 8pm, $10, 21+ - Bill McThrill

Free Download: Daytrotter - Cheerleader

Daytrotter just posted a new session with indie-pop five-piece Cheerleader. You can take a listen and download it for free HERE (w/membership). The session was recorded with vintage gear to tape. They are currently on tour, and will be performing next in Philly on Saturday, December 20 at Johnny Brenda's.  


New Dirty Dollhouse EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Dirty Dollhouse shares a whole lotta heartbreak and lush harmonies on their new four-song EP 25 Shades, which you can stream and purchase below. The local female folk-pop trio is led by singer-songwriter Chelsea Mitchell, who is accompanied by Vanessa Winters (of The Lawsuits) and Amber Twait. The album was produced by Brian Dale Allen Strouse (The Lawsuits), and the group will be celebrating its release this Friday, December 5 at Bourbon & Branch.




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