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Band of the Month Nominee Spotlight: Party Girls


Party Girls are relatively new to the Portland scene, but I can already tell they are the misfits of indie music.

Their motto (well, their MySpace mantra, anyway) is “We came to impregnate,” and they describe their own sound as being “so heavy we induce labor.” The trio consists of vocalist Ryan Wolf, guitarist and ex-Bad Dudes member Gabe Castro, drummer Zach Richards, and synth/bassist Jim McBride. With a mixture of indie, metal, rock and some old school hip-hop, the best way I can describe them is if NOFX and Social Distortion had a threesome with Rage Against the Machine.

You won’t find any iron-on kittens emblazoned on any of their shirts, but you might discover a badly drawn penis and the band's name scrawled across Wolf’s baby-smooth hairless chest - if you are willing to get that close. It is obvious these guys like to be the outsiders and to keep audiences guessing.

Their record cover, which has a very manly, buffed-up unicorn charging through the air, is a great representation of their sound. They have taken the indie music scene and injected it with some serious steroids, and even though they might look all cute and friendly on the outside, these guys kick some serious ass.

The lyrics to Tenacious D’s “Explosivo” sums up Party Girls well, “Climb upon my faithful steed, then we gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed. Climb upon my big-ass steed, and ride, ride, ride.

Party Girls is opening for local fave Jaguar Love during their March 4th CD release at Satyricon. $7, all ages, 8 p.m.

Be sure to bring some form of birth control, and vote for the band in our Band of the Month poll if you dig it.

- Deanna Uutela


Portland Round 12 Features Stellar Lineup Tuesday


The Round is one of those impossibly chic convergences of art, poetry and music that makes you wish you had thought of it first. But, guess what? You didn't.

Founded in Seattle in 2005 by arts curator Nathan Marion, The Round has now expanded to Tacoma, Portland, Austin, and Lebanon, PA. The setup is so simple it's genius: feature local musicians on stage with interspersed slam poetry sets and live painters for an amazing, one-of-a-kind art-o-rama. There are rules to keep the event fresh each go around, too. Musicians can only perform at an edition of The Round once a year; slam poets twice a year; and painters just three times per year.

So what's in store for Portland Round 12 this Tuesday at The Woods, you ask? Just your ho-hum, average triple threat of Portland underground rock luminaries John Vecchiarelli, Y La Bamba's Ben Meyercord, and Autpilot is for Lovers vocalist/accordionist Adrienne Hatkins on the music side of things. I'm not even positive as to what this merging of such disparate styles will produce. I just know I want to see it. And so should you.

Live painting will come courtesy of returning artist Michelle Tuffias, with layered spray-painted art from Beth Myrick, and poetry from slam poet Melissa Rose.

The rain is coming back, y'all. And your brain's no doubt been fried by the Vitamin D-struction of the fleeting sun. Support everything local, always; and open your senses to the combined infiltration of an evening of amazing performance.

Doors are at 8 p.m.; show at 9. $8 cover. 21 and over.

- Ryan J. Prado



Nurses on Daytrotter + Sasquatch


Nurses were the latest PDX band to visit the Horseshack and lay down three live tracks for Daytrotter, which you can download for free!

In their worming and brooding manner, Nurses took three psychedelic tracks from Apple’s Acres, put two together as an eight-minute amalgamation ("Technicolor/Man At Arms"), and recorded an unreleased beauty.

Sadly, Nurses just played their last PDX gig this week (opening for Atlas Sound) and won’t be back for a while when their tour with The Tallest Man On Earth comes to the Mission Theater on Tuesday, May 11th. In other big Nurse news, the trio will be rocking this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival on Saturday, May 29th. Other PDX acts playing the three-day Memorial Day weekend fest include YACHT (who rolled Holocene this week), Quasi, Portugal. The Man... and if we can count them as one of ours... the Pavement cash-grabbin', alt-rockin' reunion show. Frontman Stephen Malkmus does live here after all!

- Chris Young


Band of the Month Nominee Spotlight: Sean Flinn & The Royal We

Sean Flinn - The Pageantry from Live From Your City on Vimeo.


You may think you don’t know Sean Flinn & The Royal We, but trust me, you know more about this band than you think. If you are a fan of the local indie darlings, Y La Bamba, I guarantee you are a fan of Sean Flinn, for they are one in the same…almost.

Sean Flinn & The Royal We comprises all of the Y La Bamba members, excluding percussionist Mike Kitson, and adds three other members on pedal steel, organ, percussion and drums. The beautiful Y La Bamba front lady, Luzelena Mendoza, takes a step down in this project, with the roll of backup vocals and percussionist, allowing Flinn, lead guitarist in Y La Bamba, to flex his vocal muscles.

Flinn and Mendoza’s vocal harmonies are ethereal in “Patient Heart,” the title track of the band’s first release, a digital E.P. Morose minor chords and waves of percussion fill all of the empty space, giving the song a full yet fragile sound. The rest of the songs on the Portlanders’ Myspace are in the same vein. The band does a good job of incorporating every instrument to create solid, emotive music.

The octet expects to release its debut LP, Write Me a Novel, this June and is playing shows around town in the meantime, including Mississippi Studio’s one-year anniversary in March. You can check out Sean Flinn & The Royal We tonight at Doug Fir, and if you like what you hear, make sure to give them your vote on our Band of the Month poll. Show starts at 9 p.m. $10.

-Katrina Nattress


Deli Portland Readers Poll Winners Bodhi Featured in Latest Edition of "Feels Like Home"

We'll let the video for Bodhi's "Warm Side" speak for itself. If, for some odd goddamn reason, you had not heard or seen the band before, here's your chance. This is part of the ongoing rad film featurettes over at Into the Woods. These series' are fast becoming the talk of the indie-rock film game, and I'm glad to see them representing such a vibrant, diverse scene like Portland's.

I'm almost tempted to write more about how awesome this song is, too. But, well, you've got eyes and ears, right? Besides, I'm pretty sure Bodhi knows we love them at the Deli Portland already.

Apologies to those deaf, dumb, blind kids who stumbled onto this site all willy-nilly. We're sure you play a mean pinball.

- Ryan J. Prado


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