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May 2015
The Weaks
"Bad Year
On the heels of last year’s, debut EP The World Is A Terrible Place & I Hate Myself And Want To Die, The Weaks, led by a pair of former Dangerous Ponies Chris Baglivo and Evan Bernard, have released their full-length debut Bad Year via Lame-O Records.
The record wastes little time jumpstarting into the aptly titled “Kick It,” with its bass-thudding lines rolling into catchy, emotive power-pop mode, cleansed with a bit of synth before unleashing one of the album’s many blasts of guitar solos. “Nevermind” (an homage to Nirvana) reflectively takes the positive spin on a failed relationship, streamlining percolating instrumentation with stable yet aching vocals. The album’s title-track cracks through melancholy with a lyrical disposition harnessing polished twin guitar licks between trudging percussion-led transitions, destined for fiery flashes of solo prowess. With an aggressive, smashing instrumental storm, “Black Box” takes the ball and runs with its relatable crushing narrative, hooking you in as a silky synth slips in amid the treacherous landscape. 
“Dysania” is the cup of coffee that pushes the covers off. With its guitar-led jog, loosening into a bass-charging surge, it quickly reaches maximum speed. Tongue-in-cheek earnest yet humorous lyrical tones – “Too much blood for just two hands/and there’s so much shit we’re gonna need two vans” – set the mood whilst sprinkling in clean flares of guitar, maintaining that downhill thrust. The song contextually blends a pent up instrumental energy and memorable vocals to create a natural anthem feel. Turning a leaf, “I Don’t Wanna Be An Anarchist (Anymore)” melds percussion and synth, delivering a sincere yearning for change with that heart-throbbing, interwoven bass-drum combo, adding a real inside-looking-out perspective. 
Strumming acoustic guitar and a spacey synth serve as foils in “Welcome To Earth,” zooming in and then peering out in a battle of loneliness and self-exploration, once again enjoying a creative out there spin on a common searching topic. The closing track is another nod & wink to Nirvana and Hop Along frontwoman, “Francis Quinlan Will Have Her Revenge On Philadelphia,” embracing a snarky attitude with matching (rough around the edges) momentum-gathering guitar meets an avalanche of backend, delivering a mixed emotion-filled message “Who’s going to pull your weight if I leave you behind... Please stay with me. 
Bad Year embraces its Weezer power-pop influences, allowing listeners to join in on the emotionally personal ups and downs, while still coming away refreshed. It’s another great find for rising Philly indie label, Lame-O Records. - Michael Colavita

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The Deli Magazine SF Presents: The Greening Balms The Other Tones and NVS at DNA Lounge TONIGHT

San Francisco! We're throwing a party tonight at DNA Lounge. For the final show of our Deli Magazine San Francisco Sponsored Show Series at DNA Lounge, (we'll be announcing the next venue we'll be infiltrating soon!) we're going to be throwing a stellar Friday the 13th show! This line up was curated by the headlining band, The Greening and it's going to be loud, pulsating and geared to make you lose a bit of your hearing!

San Francisco based rock band, The Greening has invited, The Other Tones, Balms and NVS to join them in the unlucky madness of this show. Make it out and celebrate our final night at DNA Lounge with some killer bands. The event is all ages. Bring your friends, and let's have a blast!!!


Travis Hayes Gears Up to Release New Album - Young Daze

San Francisco based indie singer/songwriter, Travis Hayes is gearing up to release his upcoming full length album, Young Daze, which is due for release on July 7th. Hayes pulls from 90s indie pop compositional styles, and mixes in thoughtful and creative touches to his emotionally honest songs.

His new album starts with a tightly wound and well produced instrumental intro that lasts the length of a pop track. Hayes takes small risks like this throughout the album, and does not stick to traditional pop structures even though his album has a very radio friendly sound. It's great that he can blend quintessential American music styles that nod to artists like Tom Petty and John Cougar Melloncamp, while creating his own spin on his ballads, bringing a fresh and modern sound that shines through the sonic presence of his musical influences.

Don't miss Travis Hayes' album release event at Bottom of the Hill on July 11th. -je


Street Eaters Releases New Album - BLOOD::MUSCLES::BONES

San Francisco based doom punk band, Street Eaters has released a new full length album. This new 10 track album entitled, Blood::Muscles::Bones​ is a disturbing, heavy punk album that is evened out by fearless female vocals, and clean interludes and changes within the songs. The album sounds like a post modern apololyptic Dead Kennedys record. There's a lot of anger and anarchist spirit, but the production of the record is clean and well mastered.

​We're into Street Eaters' sophomore album because it is completely unapologetic and a great example of what the Bay Area has to offer in regards to pumping out music that exhudes free wielding, out of the box intensity.​ We don't want our underground music to come soft or easy.

​Make sure you check out Blood::Muscles::Bones​ in its entirety via Soundcloud.


Slowness Releases New Album + Plays Hemlock Tavern TOMORROW - 5/8

San Francisco based ensemble, Slowness has released a new album. This local, quintessential shoegaze - drone pop band’s second release, How to Keep from Falling off a Mountain was produced by Monte Vallier (Weekend, The Soft Moon, Wax Idols) and Geoffrey Scott and was mastered by Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500).

The album is clean and classic, and upholds the quietly competent ambiance that makes Slowness a uniquely subtle band that is incredibly hard to ignore. They also mix classic images to amplify the intention of their pure shoegaze compositions which tend to become intertwined with complex bridges, and experimental elements that are impressive.

You can catch a live performance by Slowness tomorrow night at The Hemlock Tavern for their album release show!! We’re excited to hear new material from this band. Do your best to make it out and support their new release!!


Congratulations to Hibbity Dibbity for Winning the Deli Magazine San Francisco's Artist of the Month Poll

Congratulations to the Bay Area based soul jam band, Hibbity Dibbity for winning The Deli Magazine San Francisco Artist of of the Month Poll! The readers and fans have spoken and Hibbity Dibbity came out on top! Thanks to the voters for taking the time to choose your favorite band.

We especially wish this hardworking, popular San Francisco based band all the best in their musical endeavors. We encourage you to check out their music, and follow their live shows!




New Poll Coming Soon!

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