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March 2015
Blood Sound
Blood Sound’s post-punk tracks are informed by an audible nostalgia for the dance floors and goth clubs of the latter ‘80s. Their latest LP Nightclub is a hybrid of dark wave and dream pop. Marrying synth-drenched harmonies with emotively vibrant lyricism, the subtle romantics of the band’s debut full-length fit seamlessly with the buzzing percussive backbeats of earlier cuts by Cold Cave (circa Love Comes Close) or The Cure’s “Primary” stripped bare to its core.
“TV Synth 1” sets the tone for Nightclub’s narrative with a brief yet textured prelude to “I Don’t Want.” Relatable like an antithesis of The Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,” Blood Sound’s “I Don’t Want” personifies the complexities of yearning, desire, and loneliness. As frontman Chris Jordan croons “I don’t want the city’s lights to go down/I don’t want to find home,” guitar riffs magnify the weight of his words without casting them melodramatic. The track is a fitting anthem for the passing of youth, failed love, and transition.
The buzzing start of “L.A. Punk” explores that thin line between authenticity and commoditization, the song’s instrumentation paying homage in its own way to the early underground and its subsequent subcultures. As if channeling a sedated rendition of Peter Murphy’s tone and diction, “L.A. Punk” is as memorable as it is brooding. “Acid Summer” gives an inward glimpse at the intimate nature of grief, mortality, and memory. When Jordan sings, “The 1980s died that day,” the listener feels it in their gut. It’s undeniable. The connection between what is experienced and how that experience is remembered is amplified by the track’s thumping tempo.
“Empty” plays out like the perfect soundtrack to an inevitable breakup, coupling affection with exhaustion, with the synth framing the heart-wrenching truth of lines like “I was too in love to say/that your story was a bore/Now I gave up on bad dreams and endings/beginnings and beginnings.” It offers a viable catharsis for jilted lovers with a penchant for fuzzed-out refrains.
“TV Synth 2” precedes the lyrically minimal yet heavy “Embrace” which serves as Nightclub’s melodic memento mori. “Almost” is subdued yet gripping, slowing the momentum of the record in advanced of “TV Synth 3,” which unfolds like a VHS fever dream. “Fake Blood” is evocative, with reverb and a pulsating backbeat that swells as the song progresses. Arguably the darkest track on the album, Jordan’s diction is hypnotic, “Kill your dreams and wait for/the fake blood to pour out.”
Ending with the well-placed “Catacombs,” Nightclub’s final track encapsulates the thrill of beginnings and the way one remembers them. Set to a beat reminiscent of Joy Division’s quintessential single “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Catacombs,” much like the songs that precede it, is reason alone to return to Nightclub. - Dianca London Potts

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Electric Shepherd Buzzmutt and Linear Downfall Play the El Rio -5/7

San Francisco based heavy psych band, Electric Shepherd will be headlining a great line up on May 7th at El Rio in SF. They’ll be sharing the bill with the awesome local post-noise band Buzzmutt, and Tennessee based experimental psych band, Linear Downfall.

This is one of those classic San Francisco shows that represents what the local music scene truly has to offer. Buzzmutt and Electric Shepherd are creative, seasoned (but still wild has hell), hardworking underground bands that always put on a loud and eccentrically fulfilling show.

Make sure you make it out to the El Rio to get your local underground fix. -je

Brian Jonestown Massacre and Joel Gion and the Primary Colours Play the Fox Theater -5/8

Make sure you buy your tickets to the upcoming Brian Jonestown Massacre show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. On May 8th, BJM will be performing in the Bay Area to promote their new album, Revelation, which is set for release on May 19th. This legendary Bay Area based psych revivalist band will be performing classic and post era songs, which will make for an amazing show.

One of the "longest serving" members of BJM, percussionist extraordinaire, Joel Gion has recently created another direct descendent of Anton Newcombe’s visionary tribe of neo psych and shoegaze offspring, called Joel Gion and the Primary Colours. Gion and his band will be opening the show and giving the Bay Area a double dose of his musical talent.

Brian Jonestown Massacre only rolls into town once every couple of years so don’t miss this event. You won’t regret it. -je

Congratulations to Royal Jelly for Winning the Deli Magazine San Francisco's Artist of the Month Poll

Congratulations to the insanely talented San Francisco based gypsy soul band, Royal Jelly for winning The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Artist of the Month Poll. The fans and voters have spoken and Royal Jelly has come out on top! This innovative vintage band has been playing speakeasies and jazz/soul venues all around the Bay Area, reaching crevices of the city that are not as adorned as they should be. RJ dares to be authentic with their brand of swing music that stands out from the local scene's status quo! We're into it. 

We wish them all the best on their future endeavors!


The Deli Magazine San Francisco May Events Calendar + The Deli SF Benefit Show at Elbo Room - 5/7

The Deli Magazine San Francisco has a number of upcoming events coming in May. Not only are we throwing Deli Magazine Sponsored Events, which are being hosted Fridays at DNA Lounge (upstairs), we’ve also got an awesome benefit show coming up!!!

Wednesday, May 7th - The Deli Magazine SF Benefit Show - The Elbo Room 

Deli SF Sponsored Event Series:
Friday, May 9th – DNA Lounge 
Friday, May 16th – DNA Lounge 
Friday, May 30th – DNA Lounge 

Wednesday, May 7th The Elbo Room Doors at 8 pm $7+ donations

Spider Heart, Void Boys, Sea Dramas, along with the brand new San Francisco based musical outfit, Vollmer will be celebrating the growth and community involvement of The Deli SF! SF based community and intercultural advocate; Jason Wyman will also grace us with a reading celebrating the Bay Area and our amazing music community. Don’t miss this event!

Friday, May 9th – DNA Lounge Doors at 8 pm . $8

Bay Area based bands, The Spiral Electric and Pharoahs will be joining touring bands Ghost Box Orchestra and Dead Gurus to create an atmospheric night of neo psychedelia rock and roll. These bands will all bring a different interpretation of potent, washed out psych vibes to your world, and particularly to DNA Lounge this weekend!!!! We're so excited to hear all these bands.

Friday, May 16th – DNA Lounge Doors at 8 pm . $8

Los Angeles based legendary rockbilly band, The Dollyrots will be headlining a show with the Bay Area’s best and brightest underground bands. The Shanghais, Mark Nelsen Band and Whorhaigh Kayado will be rounding out a great line up. This show is going to be eclectic, unique and high energy. If you want to discover some new blood in the SF music scene, check this show out!

Friday, May 30th – DNA Lounge Doors at 8 pm . $8

The Deli Magazine San Francisco’s co editor (and underground local punk-garage rock connoisseur), Erin Dage personally curated our May 30th show! We are the Men, Sweat Lodge, Unstrung and Asthma will all be performing at DNA Lounge! Don’t miss this show. We’re excited to have these Bay Area based bands close out our May shows!!


Music Video: A Million Billion Dying Suns - Hey Man

A Million Billion Dying Suns' new music video for Hey Man, off their 2013 release, Strawberry EP is an intensely striking modern fairy tale that will take you on a 6 minute wild ride of an Oakland hipster’s worst nightmare.

Plagued with the torment of bikers, wizards and reptiles, one ordinary man’s bike ride around town turns into a dark and violent labyrinth of events. Escape is futile until he wakes up from the spine chilling alternate reality (which could even be an alternate Bay Area), only to find himself back home, but more lost than ever.

Produced by French Press Films, directed by Andrew Juncker and gifted with a supreme performance by actor, Andrew Riddell, this video is totally impressive. The acting, twists and quality are a very pleasant surprise in a world of DIY, lo fidelity production, --not that there’s anything wrong with them. Hey Man will show you just what a little time, passion and budget can do to pump an already great band and album.

Kudos to A Million Billion Dying Suns for producing a great music video. There are a couple of chances to see them perform live in the very near future.  -je

05.01 San Francisco CA - The Make-Out Room
05.10 Los Angeles CA - The Satellite
05.22 San Francisco CA - Converse Store, Downtown SF



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