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October 2014
"Full Of Snakes

The major takeaway for Mumblr’s new album Full Of Snakes (Fleeting Youth Records) is that it really takes balls to write songs that truly say nothing. As counter intuitive as it may sound, there really is something admirable in using music to not really express all that much. Any jerk with a voice and a few chords can say a whole lot about how their ex is horrible; what really matters is how much of that content is actually worth hearing. And brother, Mumblr has found a way to make saying nothing profound.

On the surface, the album initially sounds like some sort of early 2000’s generic pop-punk; the first song “Got It” opens with that familiar sense of vague, safe anger. It’s very “high school” reminiscent, right off the bat, with lines like “I got it if you want it” and “I’ll invite you to my room.” But as the song closes and we drift into “Sober,” the tone very gradually starts to feel off. It starts to feel a bit weirder, with this sense of reckless abandon that you only hear in a Violent Femmes song. And it’s not that one is true, and the others is not; this album is walking a razor’s edge between the most self-aware of indie post-punk and the obliviousness of adolescent guilty pleasures.

And while that may sound like a chaotic mess, the seventeen-track full-length really is the having-and-eating of one's cake. We get the indulgence of grandiose guitar riffs and over the top shrieks, but with just enough originality in the composition to give it a sense of being slick and even avant-garde. Don’t let the outward sense of crazy abandon fool you - this thing is airtight. And a lot of that can be chalked up to Nick Morrison’s vocals; he brings a real sense of cleverness to the whole thing, in no small part to the fact that he can turn his voice on a dime.

One endlessly fascinating reoccurring theme is the use of repetition in their lyrics, with phrases like the aforementioned “I got it” and “someone’s been sitting in my chair” echoed over and over again, beyond the point of simple parody. It’s that old artistic trope of repeating something until it becomes meaninglessly applied to lyrics, and it’s interesting to hear expressions of youthful angst to become so alien and meaningless.

They take these universal touchstones of adolescences, including the use of “shock” lyrics such as “if God is a woman I’m going to hell” and gleefully drive them into the ground while enjoying the ride. It’s fun, it’s cool, and will leave you thinking more than any other post-punk album in months. And it does so while still being a genuinely fun throwback to a sort of music that you don’t really hear in earnest these days. - Daniel Ludwig

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Beautiful Machines Album Review + Live Performance at Public Works TONIGHT

Beautiful MachinesDisconnect : : Reconnect begins with the electro pop mammoth song, Tragic, adorned with a pair of airy and sawtooth synths, deep club drum beats, an instantly recognizable chorus melody and yes, this song is played with actual guitars. This track is a club climax stunner. It's the one that provokes a concert goer to disregard bitter creditors, buy that perfect cocktail, abandon inhibitions and social cowardice and mount the dance floor while letting their limbs become possessed by a sound that carries them through the moment.

We then drop into a bit more of an industrial track titled Birds and Bees, which is textured and glittering, a compositional gift Beautiful Machines are noted for. There is a yearning that can be sensed in vocalist Conrad Schuman's psyche that seeps into the band's songs. Their new upcoming release Disconnect :: Reconnect continues in an emotional swell and release, and is always danceable and ever growing in an inflammatory exploration of rhythm soundscapes and electro popisms at their finest. Professional yet brimming with vicious emotion, this band has Impeccable musicianship and carefully crafted songs that give this electro pop landmark its credibility and beyond all else, listenability. -Hunter Stroope

Catch Beautiful Machines live at Public Works in San Francisco tonight with Pixel Memory, Bubblegum Crisis and Brouhaha DJs.

Animammal Official Trailer from Beautiful Machines on Vimeo.


Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah The Love Dimension Down and Outlaws and The Spiral Electric Play the Elbo Room TONIGHT

The Elbo Room in San Francisco is hosting an awesome line up TONIGHT! 

With Lee Gallagher on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Jacob Landry on Guitar and Joe Miller on Drums, create a dynamic and comfortable sound as they incorporate folk and traditional music into psych-rock. Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah are also straightforward, commanding and urgent in their lyrical content. Gallagher’s tall, enigmatic presence, excellent songwriting ability and perfectly high-pitched vocals are guaranteed to garner attention. While The Hallelujah’s sound can have an acoustic folk influence as well as modern psych, they are sure to be a promising act to go see and listen to in the coming year. 

The Love Dimension has been rocking clubs here in the Bay Area for the better part of six years. Led by the powerful vocal duo of Jimmy Dias and Celeste Obamsawin, the group is rounded out by one of the scene’s most respected and best rhythm sections, Sonny Pearce (Electric Shepherd) on drums and Tommy Anderson (MoonFox, Electric Shepherd) on bass, along with Devon Farney on Keys. Described as “sacred psychedelic country garage punk country surf,” they are a live force not to be reckoned with, rhythmically intense, with a heavy dose of spirituality and introspection both lyrically and in their performances.

Led by Clay Andrews, one of the local rock scene’s strongest advocates, The Spiral Electric has been recording together since 2010, and premiered live in 2012. The band quickly evolved into a five-piece, and their current lineup of Andrews and Percy along with Sonny Pearce on Drums and Ty Gerhardt on Bass, has played to captive audiences at venues such as The Chapel, Brick and Mortar and Oakland’s Uptown. The Spiral Electric has toured the US West Coast of recent and they are currently recording their first full length LP.

Down and Outlaws have a perspective on rock n’ roll that rings true: “Rock n’ Roll isn’t a sound. It’s not an attitude. It’s a need, it’s a fight, it’s the saving grace in the wake of a broken heart or something lost.” With influences that range from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Tom Petty, the San Francisco based band led by Peter Danzig on Vocals, Kyle Luck on Guitar, and the “gut-busting” rhythm section of Jon Carr and Chris Danzig, aims to save their audiences with rock n’ roll the same way they were saved by it. - Tyler Weeks

Street Eaters and Baus Support Ultra Bide at The Knockout TONIGHT

Some bands need four or five people to create a wall of sound. But when it comes to Street Eaters, a truewave East Bay punk band, there are only two people needed to create a full, enveloping sound. With Meagan March on drums and John No on bass, this husband and wife duo takes an approach similar to that of The Evens - Ian Mackaye’s and Amy Farina’s project. By splitting the duties 50/50, Street Eaters posseses post-punk sensibilities and riot grrrrl influences.

Baus is an Oakland-based trio with a sound that’s derivative of no-wave and post-punk. In true no-wave style, Baus makes music that is not consistent with any solid music genre. Employing noisy vocals and guitar, amidst funk-influenced drum stylings the band creates music that cannot be weighed down by the expectations or cliches of a set genre.

Many punk bands lose their “bite” after a while. But this isn’t the case for Ultra Bide, a Japanese band that blends elements of noise rock and post-hardcore. Getting their start in 1978, they still haven’t gotten rid of their aggressive and primal nature that made them so popular in the first place. Last year they released “DNA vs. DNA-c” on longstanding Bay Area label, Alternative Tentacles.

Be sure to check out Ultra Bide, Street Eaters, and Baus at the Knockout tonight. -Erin Dage


Cool Ghouls Seasides and California Raga Association Support Spindrift's Duel Bay Area Shows - 1/25 &1/26

Seasides, DJ Andy Human and Cosmonauts are playing the first night of Sprindrift's two Bay Area shows this weekend. The first show will take place TONIGHT at the Night Light in Oakland. Seasides is a Bay Area-based band highly influenced by '70s glam rock with a little bit of garage rock attitude thrown in. Also playing along Spindrift is Burger Records band, Cosmonauts. This band rejoices in reverb-heavy, trance influenced musical stylings.

The second show, occuring on January 26th at San Francisco’s Brick and Mortar Music Hall features the Cosmonauts, California Raga Association, Cool Ghouls and DJs, Tony the Tyger and Jodie Artichoke. The first band to perform will be San Francisco-based band, Cool Ghouls. Hot off their self titled album release last year, the band is known for crafting catchy psych rock tunes loaded to the brim with harmonies. Next is California Raga Association. If you’re looking for a deeply spiritual experience with psych music thrown in, this may be the band for you. According to the group, California Raga Association is a “musical magickal spell that energetically aligns any computer or stereo it is being played through.”

Los Angeles based, Spindrift can now properly be considered an institution of sorts. Seeking to combine elements of psych rock and spaghetti westerns, they have cultivated a sound all their own. Influenced by bands such as The Doors, My Bloody Valentine and Hawkind from the start, the band has gone above and beyond in their creative endeavors. Nearly 20 years later they have two films under their belt - “The Legend of God’s Gun” (2008) and “Spindrift – Ghost of the West,” which is said to be released this year. By marrying film and music together, Spndrift has proven time and time again their importance in the independent music scene.

That said, be sure to see them live in the Bay Area. You have ample opportunities!  -Erin Dage

Honorable Mentions from The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Open Submissions Poll

Not every submission we get here at The Deli is post-worthy; even making it onto the edge of the blogosphere is an admirable feat. These runners up of The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Open Submission Poll deserve a more than honorable mention, from the classically sweet croonings of Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah to the dance-anthems of The Trims, our wide span of audience is never without fresh new talent to sink their teeth into. For fans of a classic music revisited, Bonnie & The BANG BANG offer sweet, groove-worthy jams and a bevy of lyrical experimentation. 

The Trims take the 80's beach scene and stir it up with a spacey reinvention while creating their own uniquely discernible sound.  Tall Sheep evaporates pop punk and rains it out through a pink cloud with smile-inducing vocals and grungy synth effects. For a hauntingly thrilling experience, listen to Cazadero for dark basslines and soothing vocals. Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah offer up shrill, exciting vocals and a warm, full sound that commands to be placed on playlists with the classics.  Soulful voices and reverberating, confident melodies place Feral Fauna high on the must-listen list.  The Galloping Sea is a power-quartet who masterfully touches on a crazy wide range of genres from soulful, bluesy ballads to daring guitar-and-trumpet partnerships.  Beautifully poignant lyrics are paired with tranquil yet powerful acoustic and electric guitars thanks to North Home.  The Deli thanks you for your submissions, and your talented contributions to the music scene. Keep up the amazing production! -Kat Collins



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