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March CD of the Month: Born and Thrown on a Hook - Drink Up Buttercup

March CD of the Month: Born and Thrown on a Hook - Drink Up Buttercup

It’s all too common these days (and all too easy) to throw out descriptors like “60’s” or “Beatles-esque” or “psychedelic”, buzzwords that tend to say so much and so little at the same time. Drink Up Buttercup do fall pretty neatly into the 60’s psych-pop tradition in Philly that’s been prevalent over the past decade, so perhaps these buzzwords are practically unavoidable. But what’s also unavoidable is just how well these guys do what they do. The band has always made it quite clear that if a lot of people are doing the same thing, they’ll do it better, stronger, and with way more energy and gusto than most are capable of, and their debut full-length Born and Thrown on a Hook only cements this idea.
The opening track “Seasickness Pills” is the perfect introduction in the way that it offers a small taste of pretty much everything the album is going for. It’s alternately loud and soft, triumphant and spooky, and it culminates in those “carnival keyboards” that have become somewhat of a signature. The rest of the album follows suit somewhat, all of the tracks filled with bouncy, memorable pop hooks and awesome crescendos. No track just “sits there”, and the arrangements never dive into the “kitchen-sink” aesthetic that many bands of this type tend to indulge in (Horns! Strings!).
There are some highlights here, like the infectious lead single “Even Think” and the gypsy stomp of “Sosey and Dosey”, but it's more accurate to say that every song is a highlight. The greatest accomplishment of Born and Thrown on a Hook is that it works well as an album, with a definite flow and even some little instrumental tracks to divide it like chapters, but every song also works splendidly on its own. So while some might find the McCartney accent of the vocals a little forced or just not their style, one thing is obvious: this is a solid, well-crafted piece of work that will hold up to repeated listens. These boys have been blowing up recently, and my guess is they’ll continue to do so. Born and Thrown on a Hook is scheduled for release on March 23rd, 2010. myspace/drinkupbuttercupband - Joe Poteracki
Published: March 01, 2010 |

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