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The Extraordinaires & Lux Perpetua Go Underground at Ava House April 6

The Extraordinaires & Lux Perpetua Go Underground at Ava House April 6

It’s been brought to our attention that while we love spreading the word about talented artists who might not always get the recognition that they deserve, the location of the underground venues that they enjoy to perform at sometimes might be put in jeopardy by our desire for everyone to join in the fun. Well, we love our local DIY venues, especially the ones that run like “Thunderdome” (where no rules really apply) so we have no problem keeping your locations a secret. But if you have a venue that you want people to know about or not really know about except for the fact that you host some kick-ass music, please feel free to e-mail us at thedelimagazinephiladelphia@gmail.com. Now that being said, The Extraordinaires and Lux Perpetua will be hosting Detroit’s Chill Bite and Zoos of Berlin at Ava House. South Philly representing YO! (BTW: Will someone please open up a decent legal South Philly venue for me to see a show at already!?!) OK, if you want directions to Ava House, go to http://www.myspace.com/avahouse215 (telephone numbers and email addresses are on there as venue contacts) or email Tony at deadindustrybooking@gmail.com. Otherwise, google (yup, you know that it’s a verb now, but should it be capitalized?) it, and get general directions to the area. Shhh…listen carefully for the music. Cheers! Ava House, (PLEASE READ ABOVE), 7pm, $5 donation, All Ages myspace.com/theextraordinaires, myspace.com/luxperpetua - Q.D. Tran


Published: April 05, 2010 |

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