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Album Review: Dangerous Ponies - Dangerous Ponies

Album Review: Dangerous Ponies - Dangerous Ponies

Dangerous Ponies’ self-titled debut begins with a syrupy sweet keyboard intro leading into a frenzy of voices that are almost overwhelmingly ecstatic. At first, it seems to be a mission statement for the band if there ever was one. Their live shows are some of the most consistently joyful, high-energy affairs you’re likely to find in Philly, what with all the costumes and other theatricalities. But once you delve a little further, the true appeal of the band is apparent. Their songs are certainly exuberant, and maybe even cute, but they’re spared from the cloying quality that seems to plague many “cute” bands. Because even though this album is, more often than not, something you’ll put on just for fun, certain elements, particularly the vocals, indicate experiences that are sincere and intensely felt.
But the party always comes first, of course. The first half of the album is more or less what people think of when they think of Dangerous Ponies. Power-pop that’s sweet and fairly direct, with sugary keyboards and guitars that switch from spindly to grungy and back again. “On a Liner” Pts. I and II are bouncy, charming, and benefit from a horn or two. Then there’s the island shuffle of tracks like “I Only Wear My Favorite Clothes at Home” and “Ghosts”. From there things get a little more surprising. An interesting tonal shift happens in the form of “For Mikey Part I”, a down-tempo, acoustic strummer that swells with intimidating noise towards the climax. After the “Mikey” suite is “Get Out of Bed”, an orchestral-oriented song that reaches an unexpected level of grandeur.
Another surprise (though only slightly) is the production, which feels distant and crystal clear at the same time. It helps give a sheen and uniformity to an album that surely won’t disappoint fans, but isn’t afraid to take to take a couple risks either. Dangerous Ponies is available via Punk Rock Payroll. - Joe Poteracki

I Only Wear My Favourite Clothes At Home by Dangerous Ponies 

Published: November 07, 2010 |

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