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July 2014
Peter Matthew Bauer
Thank God The Walkmen are on a “hiatus.” As unpopular a statement as that might be to fans of the beloved indie-rock outfit, the resulting album, Liberation! (Mexican Summer), by the group’s former bassist Peter Matthew Baur reinforces the truth behind what I think. Baur has taken the time as a chance to expand his wingspan creatively, producing an album that’s slick, resonant and infectiously psychedelic.
It’s a heady journey through the artist’s far-from-normal life, never lacking in emotion and fundamentally based in a sense of optimism. Also, one of the most fascinating things going on with Liberation! is how it blends local and international aesthetics without ever feeling like appropriation or pandering. Songs such as “I Was Born in an Ashram” and “Philadelphia Raga” feel organic and refreshing, incorporating exotic influences without ever making them feel awkwardly placed or unnecessary.
The whole effort is the culmination of a meditative post-“hiatus” tour through Europe, and it shows. The record is relaxed and casual yet exploratory, never seeming to break a sweat while being thoroughly entertaining. The collection of songs has a comforting accessibility reminiscent of couchbound evenings of honesty-filled, drunken/stoner chats with your best buddies, which may seem to come few and far between as all of us get older and busier. - Daniel Ludwig

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THE DELI'S TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTIES! Drowners, Diane Birch, Brooklyn Wildlife Crew, Spires, Secret Someones + more!

Yo NYC folks!

There's no anniversary without one (or three) parties!

Please join us to celebrate The Deli's Ten Year Anniversary at these awesome events - FULL POSTER HERE


AUGUST 01 - FREE - 18+
Indie Night at Brooklyn Bazaar

11.00 Spires
10.00 Mainland
9.00 The Can't Tells
8.00 Little Racer

AUGUST 02 - FREE - 18+
Folk and Pop Night at Brooklyn Bazaar

11.00 Secret Someones
10.00 5j Barrow
9.00 The Prettiots
8.00 Poor Remy

The Deli's Staff

The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!


At The Delancey on Tuesday 10.18 we'll have a truly fantastic bill with 9 NYC based electro-pop bands - and it's going to be free!. 21+ - $8.
Full listings of the Deli's CMJ shows here. See below for the Dream Pop and Alt Rock stages that same night in the same venue (downstairs).

P.S. If you are into Pedal Effects, don't miss The Deli's STOMP BOX EXHIBIT at CMJ on Friday and Saturday!!!


7.00 - The Casualty Process

7.40 - Illuminator
8.20 - Tiny Victor ies
9.00 - Mitten
9.40 - Computer Magic

10.20 - Psychobuildings

11.00 - Pretty Good Dance Moves

11.40 - Caged Animals

12.20 - Slam Donahue


Introducing: GIRLFEST NW - Words With The Organizer

As a young woman, musician and music journalist, Madison Sturdevant recognized a need to strengthen the support mechanisms in place for female musicians in her community. To that end, last year she decided to found a non-profit organization dedicated to just that, and is now poised to hold their first event. Behold, GIRLFEST NORTHWEST 2014: an evening of six radically different girl-powered bands and solo acts, at the now all-ages Lola’s Room at the Crystal Ballroom on August 2. This one-day benefit music fest encourages men and women to come out and support girls making noise in the community, and it is just the beginning of Madison’s non-profit plans. The Deli got a chance to ask Madison a few questions about her cause. 

Read the interview here. Buy tickets to GFNW here.

- Brandy Crowe

Scary Little Friends The Saucy Jacks LaCerca and Brian Kelly Play The Starry Plough - 8/1

San Francisco based folk band, Scary Little Friends will play The Starry Plough in Berkely tomorrow night. The rest of the awesome line up will include: Bay Area based power pop band, The Saucy Jacks, Tuscon based LaCerca and Brian Kelly of Oceanography, who will be performing solo. This lively group of musicians will take over the Bay Area's favorite college town. Not all cool shows are in San Francisco, you can find great music in the East Bay as well.

With that said, Scary Little Friends will be hosting the August Tuesday Residency at Amnesia in the Mission District of San Francisco! Amnesia is one of the best places to hear live music in general, so enjoy the fact that you'll have a few chances to check out this cool band throughout August. Take advantages of the opportunities!


Amoreux release debut EP Never Young as Tonight

Bassist Holiday J and drummer Nicole Turley came together in the heat of L.A. to create a unique and dynamic group called Amoureux. With smooth saxophones, violins, tribal drums and lo-fi synths, Amoureux offers something inspiring with every single song. Defining minimalism to its smallest form, there are simple and few elements used to create a maximum effect. The complexity in their hypnotic effects combined with their unconventional character entanglements give this album a lasting impression. They hit the nail on the head with using so little, to make so much in their music. The limited vocals add to the rawness of the orchestra, which creates this band's style. Never Young As Tonight was released on July 29 via Neurotic Yell Records. - Kayla Hay


Bands in the studio: Azar Swan

Led by charismatic songwriter Zohra Atash and produced religiously through DIY means by Joshua Strawn, Electro Goth duo Azar Swan recently unveiled this new video for single 'Over' (below), and is gearing up for a September West Coast tour. We asked them a few questions about their favorite gear and recording habits here.


New The Extraordinaires LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

It's been way too long since we've heard a full-length release from the always creative art-popsters The Extraordinaires. They had faced plenty of obstacles over the past few years with the sudden folding of their record label Punk Rock Payroll and multiple band reconfigurations due to founding member Matt Gibson's hiatus as Man Man's multi-istrumentalist and the exodus of drummer Evan Smoker. However, Gibson has returned, and seems more dedicated to succeed with his comrades than ever. And The Extraordinaires appear to have their songwriting mojo back, judging by their new album Dress for Nasty Weather (Color Theory Records), which you can listen to (and purchase) in its entirety below.




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