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May 2016
"Love Songs
Philly rock ‘n’ rollers Justin Pittney, Mike Cammarata, and Kyle Garvey (a.k.a. Residuels) revamp essential garage cuts on their latest release Love Songs. Available now via Suicide Bong Tapes, the three-piece’s cassette kick-starts with a full-throttle rendition of Rich Berry’s “Have Love, Will Travel.” The power trio’s frenetic take on the song that put bands like Thee Headcoatees and Paul Revere & the Raiders on the map is far from derivative. From the very first lick of guitar, Pittney and his bandmates tap into the original fury at the center of “Have Love Will Travel,” using crashing riffs and uninhibited vocals reminiscent of The Gories.
Residuels’ take on The Damned’s debut single “New Rose” is similarly inventive, giving listeners an unadulterated taste of the original song’s rhythm and fuzz. Pittney channels Dave Vanian with ease, mimicking the legendary Londoner’s punk-as-fuck diction as if he wrote the track himself. Clocking in at a few seconds shy of three minutes, the second track on Love Songs is arguably one of the best renditions of the ‘76 single.
The same could be said for “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” Opening with a guttural scream, the group’s tribute to psych-rock icons The 13th Floor Elevators is perfectly executed, with each chord and clash of cymbal adding to the instrumented intensity of the already well-loved garage classic. “You’re Gonna Miss Me” feels like a stubborn tantrum, the sonic manifestation of the sort of longing that is borne of desperation and pure desire that is mirrored in the album’s closer “It Girl.” Residuels’ jangly styling of one the most lovelorn (and heart-wrenching) tracks on The Brian Jonestown Massacre's fifth LP is equally captivating, despite being one of Love Song’s quietest tracks, leaving listeners smitten. For die-hard fans of garage rock and newcomers alike, Love Songs doesn’t just pay homage to the genre’s past; it celebrates its vibrant present. - Dianca London

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New Hot Tears 7" Available for Streaming & Download

Hot Tears, the combination of Molly Fischer (vocals, drums, guitar, bells) and Erica Freas (cello), has a new 7" coming out on vinyl via Olympia, WA indie label Rumbletown Records. It will also be accompanied by a booklet of art and writing collaborations created over the years with family and friends. Hot Tears is currently on tour in Europe, but you can listen to and download the duo's epic-sounding new tracks, "Like Sand" (featuring Takiaya Reed on soprano sax) and "Stronger Lady," below. 



The Nursery are a pop rock group from right here in Toronto. They just released a brand new track last month called "Hexes + Oh's". This tune has indie rock drums with funky basslines, smooth guitars and tinklin' keys to add a nice spice on top of the pop rock platform. It's like early 2000's indie rock...Hot Hot Heat style...The Killers but happier. Go see em tomorrow (May 26) at the Silver Dollar Room with Hot Kid, Yeomans and Madame Psychosis. - Kris Gies


New Clique LP Available for Streaming

Clique just premiered their sophomore album Burden Piece at Stereogum. The LP officially comes out on May 27 via Boston indie label Topshelf Records. It was recorded at Headroom Philly and features backing vocals from Philly singer-songwriter Shannen Moser. (Photo by Sabrina Jacot)


Henry Hall is bringing his shape-shifting voice to Mercury Lounge on 6/1

Henry Hall is one of those singer-songwriters that successfully dodges any attempt to pin a genre on him. His discography to date, notably album-less, is filled with tracks that range from light indie pop-rock to harder stuff reminiscent of grunge, but some of his tracks eschew that spectrum (and instrumention) altogether and enlist producers to allow Hall to enter the world of James Blake-esque electronic R&B. Hall's vocals, though, are always at the forefront of each track, and he demonstrates impressive range that serves as the lynchpin of the diverse melodies present in his music. Hall and his endlessly malleable voice will grace the Mercury Lounge's stage on June 1st. - Henry Solotaroff-Webber


The New Apollos celebrate release of 'In the Shade' EP at Mercury on 05.30

The New Apollos is a new project from Neil MacCallum who has collaborated and performed with a number of acts including Wesley Shultz of The Lumineers and Nick Bockrath of Cage the Elephant. In the winter of 2016, he enlisted the help of Karen Walker (piano/vocals), Gregoy Morgan (drums), and Isobel Ward (bass). Their music blends the sounds of 90’s alternative acts with a 60’s Rock & Roll flair. Two singles are currently available for streaming from their debut EP: “In The Shade” is a psychedelic mid-tempo that integrates plodding, funky based pop tunes (reminiscent of early Beck) with psychedelic openings inspired to the '60s, while “Echo Echo” (streaming below) is as a more intimate number that gradually picks up pace, characterized by a flirtacious mood set by soulful, harmonizing male/female vocals. The New Apollos will be celebrating the release of their debut EP the Mercury Lounge on May 30th. 



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