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November 2014
Sheer Mag
Relatively new outfit, South Philly’s Sheer Mag, fronted by The Shakes’ Christina Halladay, wastes no time with filler on their debut 7”. The four-track release is equal parts garage and punk bravado.
“What You Want” kick-starts the record with jangly percussion and pristinely fuzzed-out riffs. As the song’s melody unfolds, Halladay’s screamed-out, heartfelt vocals recount and flawlessly capture the dissonance of romantic antics and their aftermath. Guitar-drenched interludes and buzzing drums reminiscent of Colleen Green, circa Cujo, and early demos by Bleached render the piece memorable, while noisy shreds near the three-minute mark bring to mind the lo-fi glory of the Useless Eaters’ Daily Commute.
Sheer Mag’s “Sit and Cry” is bittersweet and abrasive. Opening with crisply executed riffage, the second track off the band’s EP audibly embodies the malaise of its namesake. Halladay’s vocals, coupled with trippy distortion, amplify the emotional nuance of the release as a whole. As “Sit and Cry” nears its end, chords morph into reverb as she croons “cry, cry.” Soon after, the satisfyingly moody “Point Breeze” begins. Starting off with a rhythmic drive evocative of Cousin Brian or Throwing Up, the undertone of “Point Breeze” captivates listeners nostalgic for Slutever’s Pretend to Be Nice. Crisp with caustic yet earnest diction by Halladay, the song is energetically catching from start to end.
The album’s closer, “Hard Lovin,” is gritty, like a mellowed-out Bobbyteens’ B-side. Shaking tambourine and whining guitar lines perfectly compliment her rowdy vocals as the song progresses. Thematically, “Hard Lovin” is a kindred spirit to acts like No Bunny or Hunx and His Punx. It’s a song for romantics with a penchant for rock ‘n’ roll. It’s an anthem.
Overall, Sheer Mag's debut release is brief. Despite this, the four-song EP is more than enough to wet the appetites of their soon-to-be adoring fans. - Dianca Potts

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Mike Gallagher & High Order

Mike Gallagher & High Order have released a video for their track "All Falls Down". The track originally appeared on the 2013 album The Edge Of A Dream.

You can catch the band at Harte's Saloon in Evergreen Park on Dec. 12th.


New Track: "No Fall" - Suburban Living

Suburban Living, a.k.a. Wesley Bunch, premiered a new track called "No Fall," over at Red Bull Music. He said, "It's one of the few songs on the record that I wrote the bass for first and everything else around that. It turned out to be a dark sounding dance song about not knowing the consequences of your actions. It's different than the older Suburban Living stuff; a turn in a new direction.” We love it! It's our favorite that we've heard so far from his forthcoming self-titled album, due out January 27 via PaperCup Music.


Metermaids got the ticket with new video for "Profiteer"

Storytelling is an art in music.  Slick Rick spun some yarns, Biggie added specific details that drew us in, and countless other MCs have taken up the torch with varying degrees of engagement.  Brooklyn’s Metermaids display their instinctual yen for towing the line and reeling it in slowly with their video for “Profiteer,” the new single for their upcoming album We Brought Knives out Dec 2 on Strange Famous Records.  It’s a moody piece with a Stand By Me (the movie) vibe that makes you nostalgic for the creepy days of your childhood. - BrokeMC




Buzz Alert! Cult of Youth gets ace reviews + tours Europe

We blogged about Brooklyn goth rockers Cult of Youth a few weeks ago saying how such a great band should get more visibility... well it seems like the Gods of music listened to our wishes, since the band's new record "Final Days" is getting rave reviews - including from Pitchfork, which gave it a resounding 8.1, and Stereogum, which chose it as their "Record of the Week." For complex cultural reasons probably due to the fact that American prefer more explicit forms of rebellion, this is a band bound to find most of its audience in Europe (in particular the northern part of it), a continent that welcomes quality dark music and art more than any other. That's why they are touring it more than thoroughly early next year. They have no local show scheduled right now, but we can imagine they won't be short of offers after the critical praise they are receiving, so watch out!


Angela James @ The Whistler (Tonight!)

Angela James released a video for her new single "Drink and Try Not To Cry". The 7" was just released by Whistler Records in a limited edition of 33 copies.

The track also appears on her recently released full-length album Way Too Deep.

James is celebrating the release tonight at The Whistler, November 19th.




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