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January 2015
The Goodbye Party
"Silver Blues
The Goodbye Party, a.k.a. Michael Cantor (formerly of The Ambulars), has released a new record Silver Blues via Salinas Records. The album finds Cantor largely in control using a vast arsenal of instruments, while also enlisting Joey Doubek (of Pinkwash) for percussive duties on a series of tracks.
“Heavenly Blues” nudges the entrance open to the cathedral of sound. Cantor’s smooth trustworthy vocals deliver a suggestive message amid a chamber of sonic layers, “…you have halos, you have lights, you have ghosts that sing into the night.” There is a well-produced divide, between that enlightening tone fortified by a residual hum, the soft drops and tapping tambourine, and bowed guitar that provides a more ominous dimension.
“Crossed Out” shoves that door further open with its optimistic jangly guitar/rolling percussion and bass, illuminating the scenery - “holes in the windows, where the wind slips through…” There’s a balancing point between the coldness of the lyrics and the resounding warmth of Cantor’s delivery and instrumental accompaniment. Taking foreboding tones of thumping percussion and the stirring rings of guitar, “I’m Not Going to Your Heaven” silver-lines them as the ringing morphs into a pleasant cry while the song winds down with a scratchy conclusion.
In a flash of joy, “Personal Heavens” is jumpstarted with a groove yet despite this, the lyrics reveal a grey point of view - “Homesick for personal heavens and homes you’ll never see again.” Slipping you back into the cathedral in “27 Times,” the finessed layering of backing vocals wrapping around Cantor’s lead shields it from the cold.
“New Decay” has a jaded push behind it, as guitars twist into knots and drums smash a path for Cantor to admit, “I keep breaking what I’ve already fixed/I keep fixing what I’ve already fixed.” Silver Blues closes with the bone chilling solemn string-oriented “White on White” - “the world/burns in the dark/echoed songs, resonations, every night.”
The record sweeps through ones mind in what seems like a moment. However, its melding of darkness and light leaves poignant, beautiful moments that makes Silver Blues worth revisiting frequently. - Michael Colavita

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Flocks and the Lookout

The husband and wife duo of Austin and Hannah Massey (aka Flocks and the Lookout) have new album being released this week called Hills and Valleys. The alt-folk recently recorded a live session at Greenville College in which they performed their new track "Wake Up".


Goste releases "Eugene EP" + plays tomorrow (01.30) at Rocwood

After touring extensively the US and Europe in support of last year's album "Deleted Scenes," Brooklyn based solo electronic artist, Goste (aka Owen Ross), is already promoting a new release, entitled "Eugene EP." Lead single "Loaded Like a Pistol" (streaming below) is a darkwave track featuring Goste's raspy vocals, that bring shape and character to the entrancing minimalistic track. You can catch Goste live in NYC tomorrow night (01.30) at Rockwood in Brooklyn next weekend (02/07) at Bar Matchless. - Jordannah Elizabeth


Immerse Yourself in Mo Lowda & The Humble at Ardmore Music Hall Jan. 29

Let's develop a groove. Letting the bass bob, the drums snap their way back in line, and the guitar picks its place to drift in, all the while the vocals encompass that soulful personal funk. Now, submerge yourself in that groove allowing it to evolve and roll with the tide. Immerse yourself in the flowing tunes of Mo Lowda & The Humble opening this evening for Rusted Root at Ardmore Music Hall. This trio has a well-hone grasp of what locking in means, and while it's easy to let that sound melodically wash over you, stay alert because that relaxed, subconscious sway has an underling power, which boils below the surface only to reveal itself when the group inevitably turns up the heat. Tonight, Mo Lowda & The Humble set the table for the percussive jam vets Rusted Root. Ardmore Music Hall, 23 E. Lancaster Ave. (Ardmore, PA), 8:30pm, $25, 21+ - Michael Colavita


Blankus Larry's "No Time No Money"/"Girl You Make Me Wanna"

 Blankus Larry is garage rock done right. Recorded to tape, dirty and noisy, squeezing out the screech and holler of electric guitars. Blankus Larry released the album Hell Or High Larry in early 2013, a unblemished tour through classic analog psychedelic sounds and garage attitude, mixing indie-rock reminiscent of Frank Black with a cathartic punk-rock squall. Since then their only release (to my knowledge) was last year's lone track, the psychobilly "Dead For Christmas." It looks now like they're preparing a new wave of songs with this double-A Single "No Time No Money/Girl You Make Me Wanna" dropping in the past week.  

Not only does the single continue to demonstrate Blankus Larry's command of the genre and the studio, it suggests the band is becoming even more adventurous, infusing old forms with new energy. "No Time No Money" is a gnarly beach jam, with a killer surf-rock guitar solo. You can wiggle and dance to it, or break things. "Girl You Make Me Wanna" is like a Sonics track done by Nirvana. It is a full on sonic assault and emotional release. I'm drooling thinking of seeing these guys play at The Pinch next Friday, February 6th with Ezra Mae & The Gypsy Moon and Calavera Skull (both previous DC Area Deli Artists of the month). --Natan Press 


Folk Poppers Side Saddle unveil video for "Something I Said" + play three NYC boroughs in a month

What a beautiful world it would be if each one of us learned to argue without taking issue at diverging opinions! As you can see in the first few seconds of the video we are premiering here for single "Something I Said," the six guys in NYC folk pop band Side Saddle are not very good at that, but at least there's enough of them to allow them to resolve their disagreements through a football match in the park. That's a better way to settle disputes rather than screaming at (and secretly hating) each other, although admittedly not a very time-efficient one, in particular for bands, often cauldrons of conflicting egos. But this two year old project doesn't seem to have that problem, since it's coming out from a very productive year that saw the release of debut EP "The Postcard" and, more recently, full length album "The Astorian" (a reference to the NYC borough the band hails from). The latter features "Something I Said" and also their most popular single, the Simon and Garfunkel-esque "Don't Wait For Him." Speaking of the legendary folk duo from the 60s, it's obviously a strong influence on Side Saddle's music, but the band wears it with impressive flair, churning out catchy and compelling folk pop gems, enriched by tasteful and absolutely spot on vocal harmonies.

Astorians can see them at Old Prague on January 31, Manhattanites at Bowery Electric on 02.02, and Brooklynityes at Muchmore on 02.20. Staten Islanders and The Bronx... ites (?) get no love for now (but they rarely do anyway...).




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